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Big Data Solutions: How the Government Should Leverage AI Data Processing

Many aspects of antiquated government processes end up costing taxpayers untold dollars annually. For those working government jobs, the costs also come in the form of wasted time spent on outdated protocols that must be followed.

But before we head down the expected path of gloom and doom, there is a brighter forecast when it comes to addressing the cliché of government bureaucracy – at least as it pertains to processing the mounds of backlogged, daily-generated government paperwork, and the data that’s trapped inside of it.

Artificial intelligence and intelligent workflow processes have changed the landscape of the big data paperwork problem, which isn’t exclusive to government entities. In fact, 95% of the world’s data still is not processed with true intelligent process automation.


So, why isn’t the AI data processing solution widespread?

Simply, the communication about the ease of intelligent document processing integration, adoption, and availability hasn’t caught up to this hyper-intelligent technology.

Most entities falsely believe they have the latest technology available if they have any form of Robotic Processing Automation (RPA). Even the most sophisticated RPA programs can’t learn on their own or process documents they have never seen before. RPA is not true AI processing. Human intervention and errors continue to plague this outdated, expensive, and time-consuming form of data processing.

Here’s how AI automated document processing platforms can solve the government’s paperwork processing dilemma.

True AI-powered data processing can save the government, and the citizens needing its services, time and money…from day one.

  • Legacy documents, dynamically unstructured and semi-structured data, and documents of unknown formats – even documents the AI has never even seen before – can all be read, analyzed, classified, and data extracted and processed…within seconds.
  • AI processing eliminates the need for humans to manually analyze, classify, extract, and process the data found in government documents. This means humans no longer need to access classified, confidential, and sensitive data to process documents. It also automatically populates necessary information into HR-related forms whenever a new form is started.
  • The AI in data automation makes the platform hyper-intelligent while simplifying it for the end-user. AI allows people to keep their current workflows and can even integrate their current RPA.
  • AI can process important past information and data without bringing the old errors and issues with it. It also eliminates redundant information.
  • True AI document processing is programmed and trained by the provider, which means the workers do not have to train the AI. The AI is trained to think critically and continue to learn like a human but without human error.


Sound too good to be true? Seeing is believing!

See how TackleAI saves the U.S. Department of Defense 5 million dollars annually and pre-populates 85% of their HR forms – or let us give you a 15-minute demo.

Learn more about the company that’s leading the way in next-generation AI data processing automation with solutions for the world’s growing big data problem.



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