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TackleAI Raises $3 Million to Expand Artificial Intelligence Software

TackleAI raises $3M Seed+ round led by Grace Hall Partners, CAST US and Lago Innovation Fund

Chicago-based startup transforms the way companies manage and utilize unstructured data through intelligent automation.

TackleAI, the Chicago-based artificial intelligence company, which uses proprietary AI to help companies immediately access their unstructured data, today announced the close of a $3M Seed+ funding round. Local Chicago investing groups Grace Hall Partners and CAST US, a Cleveland Avenue fund, and Lago Innovation Fund led the round.

Created in 2017, TackleAI is a team of innovators developing real-world solutions to comprehensively understand, import, and manage previously unknown and uncategorized data en masse, without pre-zoning.

“Many companies claim to use AI in their software to read documents, but their solutions are not interpreting context or dynamically discovering information. Instead, they are still relying heavily on human intervention,” said Sergio Suarez, Jr., Founder and CTO.

TackleAI’s proprietary and robust machine learning framework turns unstructured documents into intelligible and immediately accessible data in mere seconds and at a fraction of the cost of other software.

The software TackleAI has created can also provide clients with data extraction, data validation, document classification, and much more. In addition, because their technology is proprietary, TackleAI has scalable and flexible options for many verticals, without employees needing to learn new software.

“We pride ourselves on finding innovative and creative ways of solving problems. But, unfortunately, the way unstructured information in documents has been processed for decades has not been as accurate or efficient as it should be, and we will continue to improve it in ways that will revolutionize the industry,” said Sergio.

Looking forward, TackleAI plans to use this infusion of capital to grow its team and continue to scale its technology to work in more verticals. The current team of 25 works in the Chicagoland area.

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