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TackleAI is a data discovery company that uses a combination of proprietary neural networks, machine learning and computer vision to automatically discover, extract, and redact data points on never-before-seen documents.

What We Do

TackleAI is a Chicago-based data discovery company founded in 2017. Using a unique combination of proprietary technology, TackleAI discovers, extracts, and redacts data points from poor quality and never-before-seen documents and images. TackleAI does this faster and more accurately than humans, with no human intervention necessary, saving time, money, and resources.


TackleAI automatically identifies and understands critical information and its context, much like a human would, while also learning the differences between documents. TackleAI does this with documents never previously seen, or with documents that change.


TackleAI processes and analyzes thousands of documents in seconds — with no human intervention — and has quick implementation with no new software for employees to learn. We start processing your workflow quickly, freeing up time for hands-on tasks.


TackleAI handles virtually any client requests, including redaction, data extraction, auto filing and more, while remaining scalable, flexible and consistent. We work with you — automating your current workflows and platforms.

Smarter. Faster. Better.

Real solutions

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We know your time is valuable, and it can be spent on better things than redundant and mundane workflows. TackleAI's technology can be adapted to any vertical, while finding the logical solution faster and more accurately than a team of humans.

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average human error rate
accuracy with TackleAI
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second to extract vital info in Healthcare
20 Minutes
to process onboarding with DoD
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In today’s competitive markets, organizations must leverage the latest technology to set them apart. Using a combination of machine learning, computer vision and quantum mesh probability, TackleAI's proprietary next-generation AI will drive your organization to save money, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and improve accuracy in data analysis.

Cyber Breach Incident Response
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Interested in learning more? Seeing is believing. Contact us with any questions or request a demo to see TackleAI in action.

Tired of tedious paperwork and repetitive tasks? TackleAI is an innovative AI software company based in the Chicago area that will eliminate those boring tasks by implementing intelligent workflow automations.


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