Next Generation AI.

Real World Applications.

Capture, comprehend and identify not only types of documents, but business critical information contained within those documents—all automatically. TackleAI works with structured, unstructured, highly variable documents and images without any need for human interaction.

TackleAI quickly enables businesses to gain a richer, more meaningful understanding of their information, while greatly reducing labor and document management expenses for businesses.

What used to take humans or other software hours or days, TackleAI completes in mere seconds.

At a fraction of the cost.

Let us show you what’s possible…


Automatically identifies critical information

Understands the context of information

Learns the differences between documents


Completes 10,000 documents in seconds

No new software for employees to learn

Available 24/7


Handles virtually any client requests (auto redaction, data extraction, auto filing, etc.)

Automates current workflows and platforms

Scalable, flexible, and consistent