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About TackleAI

TackleAI is a Chicago area software company, established in 2017. Our diverse team of 30 employees combines powerful machine learning with computer vision and proprietary neural networks  to turn unstructured documents into intelligible and immediately accessible data, saving both time and money.

Experts with years of experience

Our diverse team thrives on solving seemingly impossible tasks in the most creative and innovative ways. Outside-the-box thinkers, with years of experience in a range of programming languages, we are solving problems for organizations in ways that have never been done before.

See what's possible

Innovation is the driving force behind TackleAI. We challenge the status quo for problem solving and create our own proprietary algorithms and deep learning models. We believe every problem has a solution when you think outside the box. Attempt the absurd, solve the impossible.

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Meet the TackleAI Team

The innovative leaders of TackleAI - fueled by energy drinks and a drive to solve the impossible, they have umpteen years of experience in artificial intelligence, startups, programming languages, government, video games, and design. We've done it all, and we pride ourselves on our expertise.

Sergio Suarez, Jr.

Founder & CEO

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Eric Ginder


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Veronica Aguilar

VP of Growth

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Lizz Suarez


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Matt Masterson

VP of Tech Sales

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Tom Spaulding

VP of Tech Sales

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We'll let our work  speak for itself

TackleAI has been honored with several distinctions and awards by its peers, category groups and industry leaders. TackleAI takes great pride in its work and innovation and is especially proud to be recognized for the results achieved for its clients. We anticipate this is just the beginning and strive to continue being an industry leader in artificial intelligence.

TackleAI can work for you.

Interested in learning more? Seeing is believing. Contact us with any questions or request a demo to see TackleAI in action.

Tired of tedious paperwork and repetitive tasks? TackleAI is an innovative AI software company based in the Chicago area that will eliminate those boring tasks by implementing intelligent workflow automations.


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