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TackleAI is leveraged on large volume financial based documents. It reads through thousands of loan documents, extracts necessary data and populates analytics that companies utilize to make critical business decisions.

Solution for Oracle NetSuite

The Problem

NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP system that includes an AP/AR solution. Previously, invoices were processed manually which was inefficient and error-prone. Poor data costs businesses 20-35% of their operating revenue annually. There are several optical character recognition (OCR) tools in the Oracle NetSuite ecosystem that try to automate certain pieces of the AP/AR workflow, but all fall short and cannot work on dynamic invoices whose look, feel and design change over time.

The Solution

Starting from the customer’s email inbox, to downloading, separating and extracting of invoice data, to generating the bill record within NetSuite, TackleInvoices fully automates the entire AP workflow process in Oracle NetSuite.

The Results

TackleInvoices is processing the invoices much faster and with higher accuracy than a human. We also brought the cost-per-invoice down from as much as $30 to less than $2 per invoice.

reduction in time analyzing loans
90 seconds
for TackleAI to process loan documents
AI market in FinTech by 2026
TackleAI can work for you.

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Tired of tedious paperwork and repetitive tasks? TackleAI is an innovative AI software company based in the Chicago area that will eliminate those boring tasks by implementing intelligent workflow automations.


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