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Legal Solutions

TackleAI is being leveraged to process high-volume, unstructured and complex data. It reads legal documents, such as contracts, medical records, summons, invoices and court proceedings, and extracts client requested information. Redaction and auto-filing features are also employed.

Solution for Legal Redaction

The Problem

A legal firm was tasked with redacting client, patient, or sensitive information from millions of documents of all types, including images and emails. This would take years for humans to complete, making it not only time consuming, but a costly project.

The Solution

TackleAI leveraged its proprietary algorithms and deep learning models to process and redact hundreds of thousands of documents, images, and emails daily.

The Results

As a result, tens of millions of dollars were saved in some cases, by using TackleAI to redact all sensitive information. What was expected to take years was completed in just weeks, with a higher accuracy than humans.

AI market in Legal by 2026
of documents contain unstructured data
of operating revenue is wasted on poor data
TackleAI can work for you.

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Tired of tedious paperwork and repetitive tasks? TackleAI is an innovative AI software company based in the Chicago area that will eliminate those boring tasks by implementing intelligent workflow automations.


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