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TackleAI allows hospitals to efficiently and accurately process complex and unstructured data. Our technology reduces workflow time from 24-48 hours to less than a second by eliminating the need for offshore outsourcing. It runs on the client’s own servers, behind their firewall, making it more secure. Security breaches are fewer and patient information is safer and more confidential. TackleAI not only saves time, it saves hospitals over 50% of their operational costs.

Solution for Healthcare Data Aggregator

The Problem

Our client received hundreds of thousands of dynamically unstructured healthcare documents a day, which needed to be classified and, depending on the document type, have information extracted and populated into each client’s electronic health record system (EHR). For years, this was a manual process that was outsourced to people in other countries to read the documents, manually classify and type out the required data points into an Excel spreadsheet. The issue with manual extraction is that it is error-prone, extremely time consuming, and costly. Additionally, sensitive healthcare information is being shared which creates unnecessary security risks and/or potential HIPAA violations.

The Solution

TackleAI was leveraged to intelligently automate their previous workflow. Documents such as prescriptions, MRIs, oncology reports, etc. are all dynamically processed through the TackleAI engine, which extracts the relevant data points requested by our client, such as patient name, physician name, date of service, medical record number, social security number, addresses, medications and readings. Most documents the TackleAI engine is processing have never been seen by the AI before.

The Results

The previous workflow took 48 hours but with TackleAI, now takes less than a second to complete. It also costs 70% less than it did compared to humans doing the same job manually in other countries, and saved our client 50% of their overall operational budget. Human error rates were 7.5% with the manual workflow but after the TackleAI engine was implemented, this error rate has been dramatically reduced to 0.03%.

less workflow errors with TackleAI
< 1 second
to extract vital info
AI market in Healthcare by 2028
TackleAI can work for you.

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Tired of tedious paperwork and repetitive tasks? TackleAI is an innovative AI software company based in the Chicago area that will eliminate those boring tasks by implementing intelligent workflow automations.


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