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Data Automation Saves Time in HR

The human resources department is the backbone of nearly every organization – the people responsible for the people in a business. But there’s an element of HR work that isn’t human at all: paperwork. In fact, it can be almost inhumane. So much of HR work is filling out forms and trafficking in mountains of unstructured data and documents. It isn’t just tedious and time-consuming; at high enough volumes, it can introduce critical human errors that are all but impossible to avoid – if you’re human. Luckily for HR personnel, artificial intelligence and data automation can pick up where people leave off.

AI has the processing capabilities to save human resources departments significant time through data automation. Especially as it relates to data processing and automation, artificial intelligence is a critical part of many HR operations.

Document management, for instance, is an exceptionally labor-intensive task in many companies. But by putting automation and machine-learning muscle behind the process, organizations can handle the job in a fraction of the time while freeing up HR personnel to focus on the human elements of their duties.

Artificial intelligence is helping streamline systems and even beef up government tech, as TackleAI demonstrated in supporting the United States Air Force’s rollout of an initiative called HR Smart Weapon. Accountable for hundreds of thousands of active airmen and veterans in their system, the USAF – still relying on manual-entry systems – was experiencing delays and errors in approvals for everything from cutting checks to base transfers to leaves of absence.

TackleAI was able to introduce the USAF HR department to tech that would pre-populate up to 85 percent of its necessary forms while reducing the number of data points an end-user needed to complete from 50 to eight per form. The implementation of HR Smart Weapon saved one airbase alone $5 million annually.

Beyond paperwork and similar admin tasks, artificial intelligence can help HR departments analyze trends and take proactive measures that benefit a company. With predictive technology that is out of the reach of human processing, AI can help HR personnel identify when an employee is most likely to quit or ask for a raise. By getting out in front of these moments, a business is better able to keep valuable employees satisfied and be ready if it’s necessary to replace those who move on.

Artificial intelligence can’t replace human thinking, nor should it. As powerful as they are, machines still take their learning cues from us – humans. But with the support of AI-supercharged data automation and processing, HR departments are equipped to respond faster and provide stronger support to the people in a company, while making better-informed decisions that benefit all.


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