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AI Tools CIOs Are Using to Improve IT Decision Making

Some of the most significant and enriching recent changes we’ve seen in our everyday lives, from the automation of vehicles to the algorithms that identify the next binge-worthy series on a favorite streaming platform, can be credited to AI tools. But many of the most dramatic advances in AI over the past few years have manifested in a way only a select few actually see.

Business leaders across the industry now have the technology to systematically improve IT decisions and processes. Advanced intelligence can expedite existing processes, discover new opportunities and identify and solve problems that currently hinder an organization. AI doesn’t replace the human decision-making of, say, a chief intelligence officer. But it can enhance that thinking with data-processing power and deep learning that outpaces what the human mind is capable of on its own.

How, exactly? Glad you asked. Here are just a few of the AI tools that companies are now using to improve their IT decision making:

Automation: Artificial intelligence helps automate the most menial (and, often, time-consuming) of tasks across industries – particularly data processing. Because 80 percent of the world’s documents are unstructured, supercharged AI-powered automation has been a game-changer for admin and IT processing. Artificial intelligence can also help with resource provisioning, configuration and network management, handling in just seconds what might have been months of arduous and repetitive work only a few years ago, leaving your IT teams to focus their energies on critical thought.

Research and development: AI has the deductive power to help an organization collect, archive and order information, which is helpful in discovering data similarities and overlaps. Insights delivered by artificial intelligence can optimize costs and increase productivity, supporting CIOs in making decisions that otherwise might have been overlooked by their teams. Again, the technology isn’t calling the shots. But AI has the ability to parse through massive amounts of proprietary organizational data to identify key inefficiencies or shortfalls that inform better human decision making and set the table for more rapid innovation.

Issue identification: The predictive nature of AI can help CIOs and IT leaders anticipate network and security issues before they happen. The deep-learning component of artificial intelligence finds associations across layers of data that are impossible for a human workforce to discover – certainly not as quickly as AI can pinpoint those insights. Security threats not only compromise a company’s productivity but also its trust from the marketplace – a huge concern when it comes to both prospecting and customer retention. Artificial intelligence gets out in front of potential security issues, flagging an organization to repair chinks in its armor before it can be exploited by malware or some other threat.


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