The TackleAI Team


None of the amazing results that TackleAI produces would be possible without the team pushing through the day-to-day work for our clients. TackleAI is proud to say that all of our artificial intelligence, technology, and software is developed right here in the Chicagoland area. The open-concept office provides the TackleAI team with the ability to collaborate and exchange ideas that ultimately help the company reach new heights. 

We would love to have you join the TackleAI team! If you end up interviewing for a role here be prepared to talk about the problems you like to solve and the strategies you use to get to your answers. The TackleAI team is serious about the work being produced but don't be surprised if you overhear a conversation about a newer video game being released, a strategy hack, or the latest deep web gossip.

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Sergio Suarez, Jr.

Founder & CEO



Joe Stecher

Co-Founder & CGO


Eric Ginder

SVP of Software Engineering