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The use cases of artificial intelligence within U.S. Defense is nearly endless. Increases in the speed of decision-making are the highest perceived benefit of an AI-powered solution when implemented within a branch of the military. TackleAI is currently working with the U.S. Department of Defense and the Virginia Air National Guard’s 192d Wing to provide artificial intelligence and workflow automation processes on a project called the HR Smart Weapon.

U.S. Department of Defense and the 192nd Wing Virginia Air National Guard

The Problem

Completing human resource documentation within the Air Force is an incredibly time-consuming and tedious operation, riddled with errors. It typically takes 3-4 months to complete onboarding and transferring and up to 40% of a commander’s time is spent tracking paperwork. The completely manual workflow causes delays in approvals for airmen getting paid, base transfers and HR requests being approved, such as leave of absence requests. This antiquated manual process is costing the military vast amounts of time and money.

The Solution

TackleAI is currently working with the U.S. Department of Defense and the 192d VaNG to provide artificial intelligence and intelligent workflow processes on a project called the HR Smart Weapon. By analyzing legacy documents, TackleAI is automatically populating necessary information into HR-related forms whenever a new form is started.

The Results

Onboard processing went from taking 3-4 months to only 20 minutes. Form 2096 previously took 75 minutes, 32 seconds to process manually, but HR Smart Weapon reduces this to just 20 minutes, 1 second, saving 73.5% time. Manually, 12% of documents were returned on first submission due to errors, while 19% were returned again on second submission. When using HR Smart Weapon to submit the documents, there was 0% error rate. For more on the HR Smart Weapon results, check out the HR Smart Weapon video.

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