The Logical Solution.

TackleAI leverages its proprietary, mathematical layers of algorithms coupled with machine learning to create an advanced network for the AI. As a result, we are able to read and understand documents just like a human, only much faster, with far fewer errors, and at a fraction of the cost. We even take it a step further by validating the data during the process to ensure you are getting nothing but the highest quality information.

Other software claim to find or extract vital information from documents, but still require human programming, are expensive and slow. Our AI automatically processes pages in a fraction of a second!

And because our AI is similar to a human’s intelligence, the AI will only continue to get smarter and faster the more it sees.

Where TackleAI can be leveraged:

Data Discovery
Data Extraction
Auto Redaction
Auto Filing

Data Validation
Much more…


TackleAI allows hospitals to efficiently and accurately process complex and unstructured data. Our technology reduces workflow time from 24-48 hours to less than a second by eliminating the need for offshore outsourcing. It runs on the client’s own servers, behind their firewall, making it more secure. Security breaches are fewer and patient information is safer and more confidential. Tackle Ai not only saves time, it saves hospitals over 50% of their operational costs.


TackleAI is being leveraged to process high volume, unstructured and complex materials. It reads legal documents (contracts, medical records, summons, invoices, court proceedings, etc.) and extracts client requested information. Redaction and auto-filing features are also employed.

Work is completed faster and more accurately with the AI. As a result companies will reduce time and costly expenses, and can make better use of its staff’s expertise. Plus TackleAI can run 24/7 without any breaks and it will run 365 days of the year!


TackleAI is leveraged on large volume financial based documents. It reads through thousands of loan documents, extracts necessary data, and populates analytics that companies utilize to make critical business decisions. What takes a company team 5-7 days to analyze and evaluate, TackleAI will complete in 90 seconds. With this huge time reduction, companies save costs and minimize risks. They are able to make informed decisions faster and create a highly distinctive and competitive edge for their company.

Military Services

The use cases of artificial intelligence within the U.S. Military is nearly endless. Increases in the speed of decision making are the highest perceived benefit of an AI-powered solution when implemented within a branch of the military. TackleAI is currently working with the US Department of Defense and the Virginia Air National Guard’s 192nd Wing to provide artificial intelligence and workflow automation processes on a project called the HR Smart Weapon