Workflow and intelligent automation is a complicated space. Check out why your business should consider partnering with TackleAI.

In today’s competitive business world, you want to stay on top of the game and you can do so by automating your business processes. TackleAI is an artificial intelligence platform that can capture, comprehend, and identify any type of documents and the business-critical information contained within those documents – all automatically. TackleAI is an amazing, innovative, new cutting-edge technology that can automate your business processes, but first, we think it's important to explain what it is and why it’s important to automate your business processes.

Let’s start by defining what automating business processes means. Automating a business process is when technology can replace manual efforts in recurring tasks. It's the automation of complex business processes regardless of what industry you’re in. With this, businesses can organize their systems through workflows. Automating your business processes is a significant way to improve your business. Doing so can save your business money, reduce errors in data, improve employee efficiency, all while obtaining your data faster.

Automating your business processes is a guaranteed money saver. Handling large amounts of data is daunting, draining, and expensive, and when you have to process a lot of documents, you increase the chances of introducing errors. Did you know that errors in healthcare data cost the industry over $20 billion per year? Many of these errors are not only costly but also life-threatening! With TackleAI you could save money by implementing an error-free artificial intelligence platform that has an accuracy rate of 99.99%+ and you will no longer have to worry about those costly errors. One of our clients saved over $30 million a year!

Handling large amounts of data can be very difficult and takes a lot of manpower; whether that is hiring large amounts of people or send your data across the globe. Even then, there is no guarantee the data will be returned accurately. It is statistically proven that there is an average of 10-30% error rate when humans are doing data entry and processing. In the US and UK alone, these data errors cost enterprises over $37B every year.

It’s important to automate your business process to avoid the hassle and stay on top of your competitors. Avoiding these errors by automating your business processes with an artificial intelligence platform is the only logical solution to make your business successful because you would no longer need to correct these costly and time-consuming mistakes. Getting more accurate results is essential for operational growth.

Additionally, automating your business processes could improve employee efficiency. With our artificial intelligence platform, employees can focus on more complex and revenue-generating tasks because they would no longer have to deal with document management. TackleAI can process over 10,000 documents in a matter of seconds. The best part is that no employee in your business needs to learn any new complex software when working with TackleAI. Increasing the speed of your workflow processing could allow your business to focus on other business-critical tasks.

Having an efficient workflow process is a way to put you on top of the game against your competitors and TackleAI can do that for you. We’re not like any other artificial intelligence platform. What sets us apart from other artificial intelligence platforms is that we are faster, more accurate, and far less expensive. You don’t have to train any of your staff and it is completely configurable to the clients’ needs. When working with TackleAI, completing tasks such as data extraction, data & document redaction, document filing, invoicing, and big data analysis can now be completed in a matter of seconds instead of hours, days, and weeks… all with a 99.99% accuracy.

TackleAI provides workflow automation on large amounts of documents and datasets which increases speed and efficiency while decreasing costs and the chance of human error. We hope you can now see the value and importance of automating your business processes after seeing how much it could benefit your company.

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